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Because change can be overwhelming we start with a white glove approach for all transitions providing comprehensive support throughout the entire process and beyond.  The Bankers' Wealth Management business development team, transitions team and operations teams are all fully integrated through the process and the relationship with all parties continues throughout the life of the relationship.

The Bankers' Wealth Management business development team proactively engages with our financial advisors and their teams, to identify and incorporate effective growth initiatives, practice acquisition and succession planning strategies, introduce resources to navigate industry trends and adopt best practices, to assist with escalations and remove operational hurdles.

Our support partners

  • Series 24 Compliance & Supervision 
  • Transitions & Onboarding Assistance
  • Training & Practice Management
  • Marketing & Branding Consulting
  • Efficiencies & Processes Improvement
  • Back Office Support
  • Business Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Recruiting Assistance
  • Cross Platform Sales Strategies

We can deliver

  • A customized transition plan based on your needs and objectives 
  • Guidance and support during affiliation in preparation for license transfer
  • Simplified repapering focused on account opening and transfers
  • Compliant office set-up with tools for growth and efficiency

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