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Bankers' Wealth Management takes pride in our ever-evolving value proposition to our partnering programs.  We continue to add services and opportunities to support the success of our wealth management programs, advisors and staff members in order to fully satisfy the needs of their clients. 

BWM continues to expand it's training and events curriculum to keep financial services teams in the know and at the top of their game.  Wealth Management has developed two additional training programs, "BFSN Fast Start University" and "Customer-Focused Sales Skills Training Program".

BFSN Fast Start University

BFSN Fast Start University is designed to help financial advisors and financial assistants that are new to Bankers' Wealth Management (BWM) get off to a strong start. 

This training consists of 30 days of carefully designed prerequisite modules on LPL Financial's virtual platform, followed by a 3-day virtual training class, followed by 60 days of guided learning and coaching from our training team.  You will be introduced to the Bankers' Wealth Management staff, as well as professional business development team members at LPL Financial and 512 Performance Group.

Skills introduced during this training include:

  • Introduction to the Bankers' Wealth Management team
  • Learning Bank Culture
  • ClientWorks Navigation & Fundamentals
  • Marketing
  • LPL Financial Advisory Platforms
  • Introduction to additional BWM service offerings

This training program is free of charge to our programs.

Customer-Focused Sales Training

The way a community bank’s investment services attracts new clients is evolving. In the past, convenience attracted customers to your investment program. However, today’s investors are interested in value and in what you can do for them. Consumers are more sophisticated, more knowledgeable and less loyal. They have also become more cautious.  In response, successful bank channel salespeople will first uncover problems by asking good questions, then use effective communication skills to share solutions and finally, enhance understanding through the use of stories and anecdotes. In short, the successful investment professional applies a customer-focused selling strategy.

Advanced topics covered during this training include:

  • Becoming the Trusted Advisor
  • Building a Brand Story
  • Real Conversations – Winning the Mind of Your Client
  • Storyselling
  • Behavioral Styles Selling Strategies
  • Framing Conversations for Maximum Benefits
  • Racking Up Repeat Sales
  • Bringing It All Together

All skills covered in this program will lead you to more satisfied clients, a steady stream of referrals and an enhanced feeling of career satisfaction.

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