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Central to any successful retail financial services programs is attracting and acquiring top talent.  Bankers' Wealth Management (BWM) is here to support your growth efforts through a strategic partnership for sourcing and recruiting financial professionals.  Our goal is to work with you from start to finish in helping determine what, when and how to best source top talent.  We work with you to identify the key qualities, credentials and skill set to best support your current and future investment program.  Not all financial advisors fit the expectations of working within an financial institution.  Being a true team player and becoming part of the financial institution family is core to any successful program.  Building internal relationships, educating the staff and bringing expertise in both financial planning and investment strategies, is what makes the best financial advisors successful.

Let Us Assist You With

  • Job Posting Assistance
  • Job Description Assistance
  • New Hire Strategy (What, when and how to add to your existing team)
  • Interview Pre-screening
  • Face to face interview assistance
  • Outbound recruiting efforts targeted to your market and specific opportunity

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