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The Future of Investing

Nest Egg presents their financial planning tools and investment advice program to your customer via your Bank's digital and branch delivery strategy.  Their licensed advisors guide your customer through the entire financial planning process by identifying the financial goal customers are looking to achieve, build a financial plan and select an investment vehicle to assist in reaching their goal - all accessible from the comfort of your clients home or local branch location - in as little as 10 minutes!

With the help of Bankers' Wealth Management, Nest Egg supports your program throughout and helps to implement a successful investment program to enhance relationships with your customers and help retain and grow assets for your institution.  

Investing Made Easy

Investing Made Easy

Nest Egg, brought to you by Bankers’ Wealth Management, offers your bank a turnkey, technology driven wealth management platform that allows you to retain assets and deepen your customer relationships. With investment accounts starting as low as $1,000, our access to financial planning and advice is available for everyone. Better yet, you will have access to your trusted Bankers’ Bank team to facilitate staff training and provide consultation to help you identify ways to improve usage and generate revenue. 

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