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Has your business plateaued? Are you ready to reach higher levels of production, modernize your customer service models, and achieve greater business satisfaction? Is your business running you vs. you running your business?

This coaching program provides the tools, insights and accountability to align your actions with the vision you have for your business. Using time tested and proven techniques, we assist bank channel financial advisors like yourself in achieving greater levels of business acumen and success.

Run It Like a Business

Run It Like a Business

512 Performance Group™ approaches the growth of a retirement, investment, and financial planning practice as a business. In adapting an entrepreneurial methodology, we focus on:

 Enhancing existing/creating new business development channels

  • Driving a differentiated customer experience
  • Offering techniques for maintaining a balanced life

We utilize the GROW Method of coaching as the foundation to a customized, client-by-client experience.

G – What are your GOALS?
R – What is your current REALITY?
O – What are your OPPORTUNITIES?
W – WHAT will you do and by when to accomplish your objectives?

We believe the “run it like a business” approach is the best pathway to achieving sustainable long-term growth.

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